WAR exhibition
Call for Artists

Art Competition | Open call for artists

Artists from all over the world come together to talk about the war. The selection of 100 artworks participating in the open call will be exhibited in Edinburgh, Scotland; the selection process is rigorous and allows critics, visitors and collectors to admire works of excellent quality and talk about what can be done to stop the war, grieve, lost and hope for better future.

Submission Deadline: 31st September 2022

Sponsors are welcome

The first and the last breathe

Life started with a blank canvas
First breathe, first beat of the heart
First scream and...
that is it - the life ended

Luna Smith, Scotland

First and the last breathe by Luna Smith.jpg

General Information

  • Living artists can apply / apply to exhibit at the LuArt Gallery - the WAR exhibition

  • The exhibition will run from 1st to 30th of November 2022

  • All the works exhibited must be approved by the selection committee of the LuArt Gallery

  • The exhibition is completely curated by gallery professionals

  • It is not necessary for an artist to come to Edinburgh personally

  • 100 artworks will be selected for the exhibition

  • An artist can apply with up to three works and each work will be judged individually

  • Artists can apply at any stage of their career and from any country

  • The subject of the exhibition is WAR

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The War exhibition is an art competition & open call for artists. The prizes are as follows (no artist can receive more than one prize, no prize will be awarded to more than one artist ):

  • Cash prize:  £500 will be awarded to the best work selected by the LuArt Gallery

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded a certificate and a trophy

  • Ten artists will be automatically approved/selected to participate in the online art exhibition

  • 100 artworks will be exhibited in Edinburgh, Scotland artists at WAR exhibition in November

  • All selected artists will receive a certificate of participation

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Volunteers are welcome

Transport of artwork

  • Artists are responsible for shipping and delivery to and from the War exhibition at LuArt Gallery.

  • After the exhibition ends, artwork must be picked up / collection must be organized within four weeks of an artist being informed that the painting is ready for pickup. The works not collected in this period will be considered as donated to the LuArt Gallery.

  • LuArt Gallery is not responsible for damage to artwork during the transport or the WAR exhibition.

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How to participate

  • Entries can be made personally by artists or on behalf of artists

  • £35 registration fee for each artwork

  • One artist can submit up to 5 artworks

  • The fee covers administrative costs and is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the selection process

  • No applications will be accepted after the deadline is 11.59 pm - 31st September 2022

  • The works exhibited do not necessarily have to be for sale, it is an artist's choice, and the pieces can be displayed as "not for sale"

  • For each sold artwork, LuArt Gallery will charge a 30% commission fee

  • Artwork can be made in any media, and the dimensions can not be larger than 2mX1.5mX0.5m

  • The artwork has to be dry and ready for the exhibition (all necessary frames have to be included)

  • The subject of the artwork has to be related to war



  • Click the "Artist Submission" button below to start your application.

  • Candidates receive an email with a confirmation of the application and if their work is selected for the War exhibition

  • Once a work of art has been accepted for the exhibition, it has to be delivered by the artist by 25th October to LuArt Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland (there are no additional costs)

  • By submitting your work, you are agreeing to share your work on our website, War exhibition, online exhibition and our social media