• Luna Smith


My current working collection, Nott, is about my connection to Norse Mythology, to my ancestors.  I am very fascinated by ancient worlds, myths, legends, and magicks from the past.  There are just so many stories to tell, knowledge to be shared.  I want to challenge myself to create something new, yet old.  To reach deep into my heart, connect to my spirit, and put it on display for others to see.

War by Luna Smith


Blue tears dry up and form bricks

Mothers create, relinquish survival tricks

Pain, death, fear, starvation expose us

Waves of bravery, sparks of hope enclose us

There are bombs, dust and crushing loot

Mortals are crying for love and food

Souls are screaming to curses condemn

It is time to end the torment in our realm

There is no time for toys, laughter and rest

It is a time of change the terror nest

There is no time for harmony and ingenuity

It is time to start a new enhanced reality

Nott by Luna Smith