• Luna Smith

Another day

After hours of painting, thinking, improving, promoting, creating, there is nothing left. No time, no energy, no talent, no thoughts. Exhaustion and disappointment are too overwhelming. What on Earth I am doing? I am staying in the same place instead of moving forward. Where are my wings, where is my progress, where is my income so I can buy food and pay bills. Wherever I see, I have to develop. Whatever I do is never enough, and the worse part is, I can’t see the end of the struggle. Is that how my career will look like. Always worry about money and survivor. I love what I do. But what am I doing wrong? Why the time is escaping through my hands and my work slamming me with a big wave of uncertainty. Yes, all artist have doubts. All artist struggle, the question is, can I overcome it? Can I wake up and eat tomorrow. Can I enjoy another battle and create a masterpiece? There is one thing left to do – make a line on a canvas, and then brush strokes taking over my mind and the magic happens. Hours passing by and the piece is being born. Another day, another painting, another wonderful time. Yes, my life is worth living.

Snowy Mount Rainier by Luna Smith