• Luna Smith

Artist routine

How does my day look like? Every day is different. Every day I have new inspirations. I hate monotony. I love to discover, improve, change and keeping fresh. My paintings are floating in my head; they are never captured in the same form, with the same brush strokes; as my days, my life changes, my art changes too

I wake up between 6 am, and 7.30 am in the morning. I like to start my day with social media, news, book or exercise. Depends how early I wake up. Then either I eat breakfast or not. After I drop my lovely daughter to school and go for a walk with my dog I am open to suggestions; either I am going straight to painting, and I paint until it is bedtime; or I do some sketches, think about new ideas, meet people; or I focus on marketing and how to find money to fund my latest project. Cash is the only thing which is keeping me from reaching the sky. When I become the most famous women artist of the 21st century, that obstacle will be gone, and I could finally fully reach my potential.

Then it is time for my awesome daughter, to shopping, to cook dinner and I can back to work. Before the bed, I take a hot bath or shower and I read a good book; or I just fall asleep from exhaustion on the couch (covered in paint) .

I do not have a day off. My work is my life, my mind is in nonstop thinking of improvement, my body can’t relax until the job is done. I am a dreamer, I am determined, I know what I want, I love what I do, and I am going for it.