• Luna Smith

My home

Our home is not where we were born, where we lived where we were young, but where we choose to create our lives, where we fall in love with people and nature and start to pay taxes, pitch into our community. Our soul is always missing one special place; some time is taking ages to find it, sometimes we are lucky to born in it. We are all humans, and we all can live whatever we want on Earth, that is our planet, our Universe, it belongs to us, that is our place to look after and care. No matter the barriers, the language, the colour, the accent, the shape, the education, we all are miracles, we have a right to be here, and we have high potential and impact on each other. Together we create present and future.

I have a house I can call home. I have a place where I am always happy in an area which amazes me, where people are incredible, and make me feel accepted, connected, loved. It makes me want to give something in exchange, to improve lives. This place is Scotland. Edinburgh is my town. Wherever I look is beauty around me. The cold wind always brushes my face and takes worries away. There are birds everywhere; friendly dogs run freely; bunnies skip in gorgeous hills. There is a perfect combination of wildness with human technology and people.

Arran by Luna Smith

Here I feel free. Here people create and spread knowledge on every corner. My city is booming with personalities from over the world who shows their talent and inspiration. Here the art brings souls together. Here nature calls my name. The long dark winters bring romanticism, and short warm summer brings joy and gratitude in every second I have in life — a perfect circle. Here I belong.

Icy River by Luna Smith

Did you find your home too?