• Luna Smith

Photos Photos Photos

Nowadays, we have options on how we want to share our artworks to our audience and potential customers. We can go more traditional and apply to art galleries (but let’s not be too optimistic if we weren’t born super rich or have famous parents, we could die before a gallery say yes and display your artwork). We can choose to make our own exhibitions, and fairs (costly and time-consuming, but it is gratifying to see people admiring our work). And the last one is making our own online gallery using social media, websites and online galleries. That is the most popular, the most economically accessible way for struggling emerging artists and it can go wild.

You can’t publish your art without good photos, and the problem starts here. It is not so easy to make them. Everything becomes an issue: the lighting, the reflections, the surrounding, the angle, the time, the camera, the battery, the shaky hand, our looks, the background.

Abstract by Luna Smith

The first and most important thing is the high-resolution camera. If we have that, the rest depends on our creativity, time we can spend on it and our patient. We have to always focus on what our audience wants to see, and use tools to achieve our target, like Photoshop, plants, a right wall. The image is almost as much important as the artwork itself. It is worth to invest our time and effort to make it right. Usually, it will take hundreds of photos and hours until we will find our style, our way to enjoy and to make excellent photographs. Don’t give up! Keep trying! Never stop improving!

Self-portrait by Luna Smith