• Luna Smith

What we should paint?

We will never know if we like something if we don’t try it. The same thing applies to art. In the beginning, we have to paint everything in every style. After a while, the magic will happen, and we will have our favourite subject and favourite style – after thousands of hours of painting we will find ourselves. You will see how easy it is to choose from thousands of choices to find something unique and close to our hearts. Our artworks will change and evolve with time as we mature and advance in life.

Having your own technique and object is not the only dilemma. Often happen that our unique styles don’t sell. People love abstracts and traditional landscapes these days. Portraits ( unless they are nude) are way less successful. Animals are not very popular. You will have to find art lovers who want to buy your art- until then you will have to paint whatever your fans want from you. Not ideal, but you can create and master your skills. When the day of fame will come, you will finally focus on your dream art.