• Luna Smith

What you see is what you get!

Wonder by Luna Smith

What kind of person are you? Can you see life as continuous steps, progress instead of just the final result? Can you see beyond makeup and perfectly shaped bodies the determination, the hunger, the misery, the effort? Can you see beyond worn clothes, smudges of dirt and exhaustion the untold story of the homeless person, the pain, the cold, the quilt, the sanity, the carving of life? Can you see beyond the success, the stress, the time, the failure, the sacrifice? If you look behind the appearance you seek, you learn, you create, you find the solution, you live and let others be. If you just ask for a result, you are missing out the depth, the beauty, the struggle, the sense of life itself.

Beyond the Mind by Luna Smith

I don’t see just clouds, I see thousands of different shapes nonstop changing into something new, a frog, a ship, a violin. I don’t see a child, I see the miracle and the chance for better tomorrow, one more mind helping us making the impossible. I paint beyond the surface to show the vision, the fight inside us and things around us. I add colours and shapes to express the complicated nature. I create the reality I live in, and I shape the life itself. Do you?