Water Goddess

Water Goddess



Oil painting on canvas

11.8inX15.7inX0.6in (30cmX40cmX1.5cm)

By Luna Smith


There is a mystery of the origin of life
There is a substance which creates you
Water surrounds you and is in you
In every being - in everything


The Water Goddess inspires
heals you when you are broken
lifts your spirit when you are down
Give you knowledge when you are thirsty


There is a mystery of the Universe
There is a liquid which creates life
Water makes everything possible
In every being - in everything

- No frame needed.

- ORIGINAL Painting by Luna Smith - Not a Print or Reproduction.
- Two coats of protective gloss varnish are applied to protect the painting from UV rays and dust. 
- Painting is signed and dated by the artist as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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