My Story

I am a Scottish painter from Edinburgh.

I never thought about the possibilities in life until painting opened my heart and my mind.

It has freed me from fear, freed me from the past and freed me from the judgement of others.


Somethings are too terrifying to say aloud, and some things are too beautiful to describe with mere words. Painting has made me brave and allowed me to tell my story.


Now I am ready to share my world with you.

Begining by Lu. The Bing Bang of my life. The famous contemporary artist was born.


I was born with curiosity, wonder and big dreams.

Curiosity by Lu aka Luna Smith, the best contemporary art, 21st century masterpiece


Wonder by Lu aka Luna Smith, British contemporary art.


Dreams by Lu aka Luna Smith, Scottish contemporary art.


All of it was taken away. There was no love, no mercy, no toys, no cosy blankets. I was drowning in pain, sadness. I wanted to be invisible, to hide so monsters wouldn't find me. 







Finally I become adult and I could escape my childhood nightmares and tyrans, give up awful memories which hunted me in my dreams, say goodbey to the girl from the past, and become the girl from the future.

Memory by Luna Smith aka Lu, a surrealistic portrait


Girl from the Past by Luna Smith, a Scottish artist, the best artist of 21st century

Girl from the Past

The new doors open for me. I become a mum. Learn that a woman is not a gift for a man, but a human. I decided to pretect my daughter from all men who hurted me when I was a child, so she would not need to wake up in the middle in the night in pain, so she will no fear the daylight, 



Now my life is peaceful and joyful. Now I can look at the stars and feel like I am a part of the Universe, a star dust with the beating heart.

WomenNature by Luna Smith aka Lu, the best women artist in 21st century

Women Nature

Flying Nature by Luna Smith aka Lu, the best women artist

Flying Nature

Peaceful Day by Luna Smith aka Lu, a woman artist in 21st century

Peaceful Day

Now I am ready to share my world with you and dance in the wind.

Dance with the Wind by Luna Smith aka Lu, ART IS MAGIC

Dancing with the Wind